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Last Updated: 01-14-2018

I finally finshed Best Anime Fanservice 2016… It only took 2 years.

It was probably the worst fanservice year ever; I couldnt even fit 10 shows into it.

Last Updated: 01-07-2018

Working on making an official Best Anime Fanservice 2016.

I know I gave up on 2016 during the summer of that year,

But that was because the new shows being released were pretty weak and boring.

I should have it completed by this coming week.

Next big Hentai project should be updating Best Hentai 2002.

Should take about 2 to 3 weeks.

I re-designed New Hentai releases to work with the new website theme.

Last Updated: 12-31-2017

I’m planning on archiving the ‘What’s New’ section

The new theme I installed doesn’t let me interact much with my old posts.

Every time I want to update an old post I have remake it again from scratch.

I’ll keep the old updates visible here for the time being, but eventually it will be removed.


Merry Christmas!

Best Hentai 2017 is over gratz to the winner;

I still have 1 more show to add but I’m confident that after watching previews that it wont break into top 5


Updated Best Hentai 2001


Working on finishing up Best Hentai 2017; I need to add 10 shows to the list and it should be completed.

9 of those 10 shows already been released with the final one being released on 12-22-17.

I’m planing on utilizing some of my new theme features into some old posts; basically slowly updating all the old posts.


I actually finished up on what I was working in secret over the last month.

Best Anime Fanservice 2017

Yeah, I know… I got off my slump that I’ve been on since last spring.

I’m recommitted to the website; last year I was really thorn on which way to go in my life.

Professionally I had a really tough time at work last year and looked at ways to change it; after a grueling  7 months of training I’m in a new position at my job and I am pretty happy with my current role.

Emotionally I felt like something was missing from life, but I couldn’t tell what it was… and I still cant.

My friends and family told me I needed a girlfriend and start my own family; I forced myself to go on several dates last year but I just couldn’t commit myself to another person so I sabotaged every date I went on.

So settled on a goal to buy my own home next Spring; I should have enough money by then. Plus I make enough money a year to afford it, and I dont have any debt.

I want to build something that will outlast me; for most people it’s having a kid, and hope to have that too one day, but for me it will be this website so I’m committed to it again.



Working on something new… old.

Just as a way to say thanks to you guys for visiting the website everyday.

It should be ready by the first week of December.


Installed a new theme.

That means I cant update posts the way I used too; so I’m rebuilding some posts from scratch to take advantages of the new theme features.

I updated Best hentai 2017 this new way


Website was hacked and was offline for a day.

It happens sorry about that guys.

I’m still trying to figure out a better schedule to update the website because of my new job.

Please hang in there I have not abandoned the website.


It’s been a while that I posted an update on this page.

But I’m still updating the website; I’m just not posting that that I’m updating.

Just a little busy in my new position in my job; it’s more mentally relaxing but a little harder on my body.

So i’ll keep updating the website in the background.

Thank you for visiting the website.


This is not the first time I’ve come across a video like this.

I’m not mad; I’m actually very flattered. They say imitation is the best compliment you can give someone.

I would love to have a presence on youtube, but I don’t like youtube’s draconian copyright rules so I stay away from the platform.

Plus this guy actually has some good original content on his videos, and I subbed to his channel because he’s very entertaining to watch.

I’ve also copied ideas from other websites into this website myself; so I cant fault him for doing the same thing i’m doing .




finished updating Best Hentai 2009


still working on updating Best Hentai 2009 13 shows left to add.


We finally have quality community hentai reviews.

You guys can check them out here.


Sorry guys it was a pretty busy week, so I didn’t have time to update the website.

still working on updating Best Hentai 2009 26 shows left to add.


still working on updating Best Hentai 2009

20% done


I’m extremely curious; why is Pink Pineapple sending people to my website?

I dont speak Japanese so I have no idea what they are saying about me.


working on updating Best Hentai 2009


finished updating Best Hentai 2006


working on updating Best Hentai 2006


finished updating Best Hentai 2000


still working on updating Best Hentai 2000

13 shows to go.


working on updating Best Hentai 2000


finished updating Best Hentai 2007


Still working on updating Best Hentai 2007

16 shows left to add


Still working on updating Best Hentai 2007



Finished updating Best Hentai 2011

60 shows added with stats, screenshots and summaries.


I’m experimenting with translating the website into different languages.

I noticed that this website was copied into different languages before in the past.

If that is something you guys oversees are interested in I will make a section just for you guys.


Still working on updating Best Hentai 2011

90% done


Still working on updating Best Hentai 2011

Still have about 30 hentai shows to add; I already watched them all.

Just making the graphics and writing the synopsis is what takes time.


I updated Best Hentai 2011


You may have noticed I added unfinished top lists on the menu path.

I dont want another situation where I lost 90% of a post because I didn’t have it properly saved.

But I know once I hit the publish button I can always recover it.

Also, I think  this may be a faster and more efficient way to post content; I’ve already used this method  for my main posts anyway.

So hang with me until I have them filled up.


Terrible news…

I was planing on releasing Top Futa Hentai mega post today.

I was doing some final minor edits before releasing it tonight.

I  accidentally dropped my tablet on top of my keyboard and erased 80% of the post.

WordPress does have a feature that allows to get back posts even if erased, but for some reason I cant seem get it to work.

At least I’ll let you see what I was working on

Top 10 Futa List


Hello everyone, I know it’s been a while since I’ve update the website.

I’ve finished cataloging over 1000 hentai shows into different categories (Futa,horror, happy, maid and so on)

I did watch a little over 1000 shows and just to give you some perspective there’s only been 1100 hentai shows released since 1932… so that means I only missed less than a hundred shows… Yes I do know what are the ones I missed I just cant find them anywhere to watch.

I’ll start incorporate them into the website as Top 10 lists starting soon… These lists will be massive.

Thank you for having the patience while I was putting these lists together.



Good news everyone!

I came up with an effect system to catalog hentai shows.

It is very complicated to explain, but it did allow me to watch hentai shows extremely fast.

How fast? 51 hentai shows in 6 days! That’s how long it took me, and I didn’t take any days off from work.

Here is some perspective.

From the year 1932 to the 1999 there have been 232 hentai shows released.

From the year 2000 to the 2012 there have been 683 hentai shows released.

From the year 2013 to the 2015 there have been 172 hentai shows released.

I believe that I’ve watched 50% of these shows already, but there are some gems that I’ve just found out recently doing this new method.


Important website news.

I’ve decided to catalog hentai shows into a new section.

I’m going to combine Hentai ID and Hentai models into one single section.

I know these two sections are not very popular because they do not work the way I want them to work.

Both sections are incomplete and I dont like the navigation of them.

The benefit of organizing this section is that will allow me to put ‘Top 10 hentai lists’ at much faster rate.

How long is the cataloging is going to take?

I watch hentai extremely fast; I was able to catalog all the 54 hentai released in 2013 in less than 2 weeks.

I have requests for many Top 10 lists, and I feel bad putting them on hold.

But I feel this is the right way to do it so I wont miss any good shows.


added 6 shows to best hentai 2016


I made a new post Your Top 10 List

The last Top 10 list I made was back in June; I would like see what kind of shows you guys are watching.

Just for fun.


I’ve streamlined the hentai section into 1 unit of links and removing links from the menu bar.

| Reviews | Buy Hentai | Hentai Identification | Hentai Characters | Hentai Uncensored |
| Hentai B.C | 80’s | 90’s | 2000 | 2001 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | New
| Dark Skin Girl | Stepmother & Son | Lolicon |

I’ve even included some dead posts because that I may update them in the future.

My plan is to remove the menu bar completely and have 1 single unit of links.

The website is separated into two parts; the ecchi part and hentai part.

I know most of the hentai crowd are not interested in ecchi anime and vice versa with ecchi crowd.

Just trying to make navigating the website much easier if you are looking for something in particular.


Added a new post Hentai Models

This was actually something I was thinking about adding to Hentai Identification to streamline it some more.

But it maybe it’s future replacement if I add more features to it.

I’m still looking into bringing back Hentai Reviews, but I still cant find the standard to make posts;

I’ve done 6 different types of reviews; Single posts, 4 reviews per page, 8 reviews per… even 30 reviews per page.

I feel like people don’t want to read massive wall of text… I know I don’t want to!
I like video reviews, but those are problematic because they can be shutdown quick per copyright strikes.

So the search goes on…

Another Top 10?

I’m trying to make a Top Futa hentai list, but I have a list with about +40 hentai shows!!!

And 80% of these shows I have never watched before so that makes making the list incredibly hard to finish in a timely manner.


I apologize for the lack of updates.

I’m just having a bunch issues going on right now…. I’ve been having them for months, but they seem to be hitting me all at once.

Health issues;

If you read back to my updates in 2013 you know that have GERD.

Basically I’m short of breath sometimes (talking, running and walking) because the acid from my stomach burns my esophagus.

But I was incorrectly diagnosed as having asthma for 8 months; the asthma medication gave me a new condition ‘powerful migraines’.

The triggers for my migraine varies; Eating certain foods, any noise from speakers, and reading on computers/ipads/smart phones, watching TV anything  that causes too much eye strain… (Even typing this short update is causing me pain) I have this pain 24/7

Watching anime in the last 2 years has been very painful to me physically as you can imagine, and I love anime.

And don’t get me started on my back problems

Work Issues;

I’ve worked in my company for 14 years, and I’m pretty good at my job.

But this last few months I’ve been pretty disillusioned with my company and I’m having doubts about my future there.

I got passed for a promotion back in February (the guy that eventually got the position quit last month and I felt vindicated, but the seeds of doubt were planted in my head)

My job is very unique and only 3 companies in New England perform these specialized tasks; so employment outside my company is hard.

I’m trying to figure out what direction to go; college again? trade school?  or became some kind of entrepreneur…. or do nothing.

Personal issues;

I had my birthday two weeks ago (35 years old) I was really depressed and in a dark place inside my mind.

My sister has been trying to make me go to church for the past 5 years, and I took her offer and I went twice this month.

I didn’t turn into a religious fanatic, but I was at easy and in a good mood inside church because I wasn’t home alone with my dark thoughts.

For your information; I am not a virgin, but I don’t have a girlfriend…. How’s that work? it does.

How does this affect the website? Big time.

I think I can pull my self thru I just need to find focus in my life right now.


I picked the appropriate banner earlier this year without even knowing what shows were coming out.

After watching every single anime show released in the winter and spring I came to this conclusion… this is the worst fanservice year ever!!!

My list only has 4 shows on it and most were pretty tame by my standards.

We still have the Summer and Fall season ahead of us, and I already peeked at the new shows coming… and it doesn’t look good (maybe I can predict the winner of 2016 already)

FYI; the best fanservice year ever was back in 2008.


I’m back from Florida; it was a pretty good trip.

I do have a pretty big backlog of hentai shows to watch; I know Best hentai 2016 is pretty old and un-updated.

I put top 10 lolicon hentai pretty lightning fast (3 days; usually it takes me 2 weeks)


I’m going to keep adding on to the new Top 10 section new section people seem to like it and I have hundreds of ideas for it.

I’ll be taking a 2 week break from the website soon; I’ll be vacationing in Florida soon and wont be returning until June.

I may focus back to ‘Best Anime Fanservice 2016’ until I leave, but this anime season like last one is kinda weak so I may skip it.


I’ve added a new section top Top Hentai by year.

I’m going to make Top Hentai list by specific fetishes like Dark skin girls, lolicon, futa, wincest, stepmom and so on.


I see I have a great deal of visitors from Indonesia, a great guy translated some of our posts and started a mirror blog with a small community of fellow pervs.

Go check him out he did a good job.



They say imitation is the best compliment you can give someone.

I didn’t  think it was my list until I  saw this on the description ‘Namaiki Kissu isou E Youkoso!’ I remember making the ‘E‘ uppercase and debating if it looked odd last year.

All in all it’s a pretty good video; he had plot summaries to each show with funny commentary.

I’m thinking about putting it up with my official 2015 hentai page for the weekend. I was very amused and impressed by it.

This video is exactly what I wanted to do, but I don’t do videos because I’m a pretty crappy video editor; plus I don’t want be battling youtube or whom ever over copyright content.

Good job Yoko Littner.


I’ve enabled comments on certain posts.


I finely got the ecchi meter off the ground after a whole year being offline.

It’s still empty of shows, but I think I can have it full in no time.


I apologize for the lack of updates (I’ve been adding new content in the background)

I’m just having a great deal of things happening in my personal life.

I may have to move to another state; so my life is in flux right now.

Once I get news on my living status; i’ll start updating at normal rate.

Thank you.


Happy new year!

I’ve given up on trying to fix the rating system, because I cant get a hold of the guy who made the plugin.

So as you noticed I’ve been installing a new star rating system into some posts.

Hentai Identification and Top Hentai are the final ones I need to fix next. I should have them done in a week.

Thank you for your patience.


One of my plugins is broken so the rating system is not displaying correctly.

I’m working on fixing it.

Thank you.


It’s been a while since I’ve updated the ‘What’s New Page’ but trust me I’m always adding new shows to the website.

I may postpone the final announcement of ‘Best Anime Fanservice 2015’ to late December rather than late November like I do every year.

I did remove some sections like Hentai reviews ans previews, but I’m just combine certain sections of the website into one.



Another successful year here at BestAnimeFanservice.com

Our traffic tripled since last year, so I want to thank everyone that is supporting the website by just visiting it.

Where will the website be next year? who knows?

But I want to shift back to regular ecchi shows and away from hentai this year or have it at 50/50.


No updates.

Just trying to refocus some posts back to anime fanservice and away from hentai posts for a bit.

Our second website anniversary is next week… I don’t have anything prepared for 10/15/15.

I know I apologize. Just been very busy and I’m still very sick.

I’ll figure out something, but thanks for the continuing support to the website.


I’m doing live updates of our new hentai section.

Hentai Identification

The section is available for viewing but is very far from finished.

I’ve only added hentai’s from 2013 and a couple from 2015.


No updates today just want to say thanks for the continuing support and interest you guys have towards the website.

Last month we finally went over 100k visitors; even though I think we could have made it back in February if the website didn’t crash.

SNAG-0010 Thanks again fellas!


I can finally reveal my next project I’m working for the website.

It’s pretty massive section and will never be completely done.

I’m planning on putting it up next week even though it’s not finished yet just to see how it works, and find out if there’s any flaws or needs tweaking.

Hentai Identification Please Identify this hentai

Themes: Episodic – School Life – Happy Sex – Ninjas!?

Loli Teacher
Tsundere + Nympho
Yokujou Bazooka HENTAI MODEL(1)

Nhympho lolis for the win!

new hentai(5) Yokujou Bazooka

Themes: Bullying – School Life – Runaway – Blackmail

Reverse Trap
Abused Student
HENTAI MODEL Wanna Spartan Sex Spermax

She had some super hot sexy scenes.

new hentai(2)Wanna Spartan Sex Spermax

I wanted to this since last summer, but I didn’t start working on it until June after the website was stable.

Plus I’m not sure if people were interested in finding Hentai’s they’ve only seen clips online.

So the whole project can be a total dud. (That’s why I put The Yuri Butterfly Squad book in the background; to remind me of my past failures)


You may not see me writing many updates on this page; that’s because I’m doing so many changes that’s not worth telling you guys about them.

You guys can clearly see the changes.

I’m adding new stuff and removing old pages.

Hentai reviews? are going away soon; I don’t like doing them and I can see that you guys don’t like them either.

Hentai previews? This is staying. I enjoy making those and they usually only take an hour to make on Photoshop.

Best Anime Fanservice 2015? I’m all caught up to the summer season; that’s a first! I like the new format.

Netflix? No changes.

Ecchi Meter? I started to work on it, but it just too massive… I don’t know when it will be done (Years?).

Hentai Uncensored? It’s a huge success! It’s the fourth most popular section on the website. I’m in the process of giving it a graphic overall.

NEW SECTION COMING? Yes, and it’s another hentai section.


I’ve added a great deal on new sections to the website since my last update; it’s mostly hentai related… But that’s what you guys wanted.

I’m still not happy with the hentai review section; I don’t like doing reviews like that.

I would love to do some video reviews, but posting them on youtube is completely out of the question.

I do have a channel I created on Vid.me.

I may do something related to channel that crisscrosses this website.


I’m adding to our website every hentai released from 2000 to 2015 in the coming weeks.

My goal is to rank all hentai’s across the board from 2000 to 2013 in one dynamic master list.

Any hentai show released in before 2000 will be considered for a new upcoming section of Classical Hentai theater

I’ll be doing reviews for 2015’s hentai’s soon.

Also; Best Anime Fanservice 2015 I’ll be adding the Spring season shows starting in June.



bestanimefanservice.com is back online and very stable for the first time in 3 months.

I’ve given up on trying to restore my old posts, it’s better just to move on.

Netflix section is 70% gone. ( I think I’m done with this section; I don’t have the time to construct such a complex section again.)

The Ecchi meter is 100% gone. (I do want to bring this back, but I cant to do it anytime soon… I’m talking months, maybe a year.)

Hentai reviews are 100% lost. (I’ll do smaller reviews rather then full posts reviews from now on)

Anime reviews are 100% lost.  (I’ll never do them again, I was phasing them out of the site anyway)

I think I successfully converted the main website back to .COM from .ORG

I’ll stop updating .ORG with posts starting now.


It’s been a while since I updated this site.

I’m trying to get bestanimefanservice.com off the ground; the main website remains extremely unstable.

I don’t want to create new content in .ORG and then migrate to .COM in a few weeks.

But I think the issue will be resolved next week.

Traffic continues to look well; given the fact that we went from a massive website in JAN’ 15  to only having 4 posts in the last two months.

We actually hit 100k visitors for the first time in Jan’15, but I never announced it because the website suffered it’s first crash that week.

Thanks anyway guys!


On another health update; bad news…

My headaches are back; the new medicine stopped working after 16 days.

This is extremely frustrating for me also, my whole quality of life is greatly affected.

  • Cant watch movies or TV.
  • Cant listen to music, TV, Radio or anything that comes out of a stereo speaker.
  • Cant eat cheese, bread, dairy or anything with too much salt.

I am hopeful that things will get better, I am feeling better than before taking the new medicine.

But being at 100% again is something I may have to give up on.

And accept that I have a chronic disease, and try to live life to its fullest.


Finally some good news; after about 8 months of unbearable migraines and sensitivity PC monitors and stereo sound…

My migraines have dropped 70% after my new doctor gave me some ‘High Blood Pressure’ medicine.

After only using it for only 2 days I feel extremely well; I still have pains but there much more tolerable than before.

That means I can finally get back to fully repairing the website.

But I am contemplating some changes to the website.

I may decide on not bring back some sections of the old website.

Will see…


Thanks to a great guy who reached out me online was I able to recover some parts of the old website.

He pointed me to a website archive service.

I’m still not sure how I’m going to put the website together again; all the links remain broken.

I think I can get the Netflix and the Ecchi meter going again thanks to Oliver.

Still my main issue on getting the website running again is physical not technical.

My eyes are still very sensitive and are causing me terrible migraines every time I look at a PC screen for more than 2 minutes.

I am seeing a new doctor next week, maybe he can help me out and we can get the website rolling again.


I’ve actually been doing several updates in the background.

Some minor updates, some major updates.

I just dont want to be posting every time I update something. My eyes are still messed up so I cant type words for a long periods of time.


bestanimefanservice.com suffered a catastrophic website crash last week.

I lost about 90% of the website content and posts.

I had monthly and weekly backups of the website, but they all seem to have been corrupted so its going to take some time to get those files fixed and restored.

If you are viewing this post you are on our sister website bestanimefanservice.org.

I disabled most of the main website and set it to re-route visitors back to this website.

We only have 4 posts available at the moment , that I rebuilt from memory and scraps I had saved in my hard drive.

Thank you for your patience during this difficult time.

 All website updates from 9/2/14 to 2/27/15 are currently unavailable… And maybe lost forever